There are many things you could spend a half million dollars on: diamonds, an aeroplane, a yacht, a dinky apartment in the East Village, or a model of the Enterprise used in the title sequence of STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION . The item sold for $576,000 at an auction of Trek props at Christie’s this weekend.

The 78-inch-long miniature of the “Enterprise-D,” built by Industrial Light and Magic, debuted in 1987 in the episode “Encounter at Farpoint,” and then was used in many subsequent episodes, as well as the film “Star Trek Generations.”

More than 1,000 items from the archives of CBS Paramount Television Studios went on the block over three days at Christie’s auction house, and by early afternoon on Saturday fans of the series had forked over more than $4.9 million for set furniture, pointy Vulcan ears and other props.

A replica of Kirk’s chair used in NEXT GEN sold for $62,400.

Personally we don’t care much for Enterprise D, but you know, it makes a nice tchatchke to keep around the house.