SLG is having a tax time sale, according to Twitter (THAT AGAIN!):

Tax time sale at 30% off everything in the store. Use coupon code taxtime09. Sale ends Friday April 17th.

Hurry up and git over there!

200904170403Meanwhile, SLG head Dan Vado, who always speaks his mind, explains that ordering from retailers is still the way of the world:

These days the safe assumption for fans would be that they will NOT see our newest releases at a comic or book store, at least not on the shelf for them to buy. If you are interested in something like Captain Blood or Fat Chunk (or ANYTHING we publish for that matter) and your plan is to buy it at your local retailer (whoever that might be) then you had better let that local retailer know you want the book or comic in question, otherwise they may just pass up ordering it altogether.

This is not a missive on how retailers suck, they don’t. They are doing the best they can with limited resources just the way we are. A comic shop can only order so much stuff and the decisions they have to make are based on the need to pay rent and not on what they think may or may not have artistic merit. I should mention that all of the stuff we publish that shops consider essential (stuff by Jhonen Vasquez or Evan Dorkin or Serena Valentino) started life as low-selling, poorly circulated comics. It was only because readers went into stores and demanded those books that anybody listened and started carrying them on something beyond a special order basis.