§ In an interview with Percy Carey, musician/actor/model Tyrese Gibson (above) reveals how he got caught up in the glamorous, exciting world of comics books.

Tyrese Gibson: I have always been open minded to new things, and I’ve said this a few times: I’m no comic book veteran, but when I went to ComiCon to promote Death Race, that energy out there really did something to me. I had no idea…So that’s when I decided I wanted to not only be a part of this world, but I wanna create something that I know the die hard comic book followers out there would appreciate.

Gibson was so starstruck that he is getting on board the comics train with his OWN creation, something called MAYHEM, which doesn’t have hasn’t announced a publisher yet. If you took every interview with a celebrity where they explain how awesome comics are and how much they love them, threw them in a stew pot and made a nice reduction of them, you would get this interview. In fact, we don’t even really need to link to them any more, but then we would have no reason to go searching for pictures of Tyrese Gibson any more. So it’s a real win/lose situation.

§ Director Michel Gondry says that cartoon collaboration with Daniel Clowes is still on:

CS: What about the stuff you were going to do with Daniel Clowes, is that still going to happen sometime?
Gondry: Yeah, yeah, yeah, we (doing) a cartoon, an animated film that I co-directed with my son, called “Megalomania,” and it’s being produced by Curious Pictures in New York. Dan Clowes wrote the screenplay and we have Steve Buscemi doing the voice of the main character. I guess I will do that more efficiently after “The Green Hornet” but they already started to work on it.

§ Alex Ross has been named the first guest at next year’s C2E2, the new Chicago-based comics convention being put together by Reed Exhibitions, the guys who bring you the New York Comic-Con. Reed also threw a big launch party in Chicago last night, and we’re sure someone blogged about it somewhere.

§ According to Mel Caylo’s Twitter, he’s just joined Archaia Studios Press:

Just accepted a marketing position with Archaia Studios Press, publisher of MOUSE GUARD. It’s great to be back!

Thanks to everyone for the congratulatory wishes. I’m excited to work for Archaia! Best part? I get to stay in LA!

Caylo was formerly with Wizard and Top Cow.

§ Jud Meyers of the comic shop Each-2 writes a customer’s turn to the dark side:

Tom and Sheila began to change. She became more vocal about what he purchased and his irritation with her grew.

“Do you really need two of those?” Sheila would say.

He’d reply, “Do you ever not get the things you want?”

She’d roll her eyes and scoff, holding her tongue in public.

Eventually, as is usually the case with these types of scenarios, they would stand at my register and hear the words I’ve so often spoken in my time in retail.

“I’m afraid your card’s been declined.”

They would whisper to one another, shrug it off and hand me a different piece of plastic that would work. Or not.

§ Following up on a story we linked to the other day, in his regular Q&A session at Newsarama, Dan DiDio clarifies Mike Kunkel is stil on BILLY BATSON:

19. Finally – can you clarify what’s going on with Mike Kunkel and Billy Batson and the Magic of Shazam?

DD: Sure – he’s not leaving it. That all was started with me trying to make an announcement from a panel audience because Art and Franco were there. What happened was that we wanted to get Billy Batson and the Magic of Shazam back on a monthly schedule. Because of that, we’re very well aware that Mike could not deliver on a monthly schedule, but we wanted to make sure that the book kept coming out, so we lifted Art and Franco to be writing team on the issues that Mike can’t be there for. We’ve got two more issues by Mike that he’s working on now, and once they’re ready to go, we’ll be soliciting those as well. So Mike is by no means away from Billy Batson right now – we just wanted to get our kids books on a monthly schedule, so we had to use two different teams on this.

§ In other retail news, A new version of MOBY, the POS software, has just been released.


  1. I wish Mel Caylo ran every comic book company. If so, this industry wouldn’t run on shady deals and spite but on cuddliness and recommendations for great Chinese restaurants.

  2. As for your comment about my article with Tyrese Gibson, the same things were said about me when I entered comic books and Gerard Way. I do agree that many celebrities in the past entered in the comic book industry and claimed to be passionate about comics and those same ones were later on revealed to be fakers; and I believe because of that, comic book jouranlist will continue to consider us “outsiders” my problem is journalist never admit when they’re wrong about the celebrity they prematurely crucified in a public forum. I was told not to write a comic book because I would not be accepted; I was also told not to write about comic books at Complex.com because people would not care; I proved them all wrong. I’m now entering animation/film and television, and I’m going through the same thing once again, and once again I will prove them wrong; I will show and prove in animation/film/television and Tyrese Gibson will show in prove in comic books.

    As for Tyrese Gibson’s comic book not have a publishing company, I clearly confirmed it was with one of the five companies mentioned, and he agreed to reveal which one it was it next Wednesday, so I requested HQ Pictures to allow me to release the information to you in advance that MAYHEM! is with IMAGE Comics. Take care Heidi.


    Kiel would you happen to know any great Chinese restaurants I should go to?.

  3. Percy:

    A lot of slebs-who-“love-“comics have proven complete carpetbaggers, but many have gone above and beyond and earned their stripes.

    For instance: Nicholas Cage is a big comics nerd who named himself after a comics character, named his SON after a comics character, is well documented as having once owned a huge comics collection, and “brainstormed” some comics for Virgin. To me, that passes the sniff test! I’m sure Cage can talk about Marvel Two-In-One creditably. But Dave Stewart? Not so much.

    I think it’s pretty clear that you have also proven you are no fly-by-nighter, but are sticking around for a while.

    Tyrese’s quote actually seems pretty genuine to me and I wasn’t trying to dismiss it — who wouldn’t go to something called “Comic-con” and think “This is awesome!” and want to continue to be a part of it? It used to be that folks in comics had horrible self-esteem because they were in comics and that led them to greatly undervalue themselves and their creations. (Both Frank Miller and Joe Quesada have written about this, to name but two.) Now, no one has anything to be ashamed about, and that’s a great improvement.

    What I would like to see is a video of Tyrese and Hellen Jo talking comics. Now THAT would be authentic.

    I’ve also made some corrections to the above post.

  4. Tyrese is sexy as hell. He can sang the panties off of any woman except for me. Cause I can sang his drawls off. Seems like he’s become more humble since he’s become a father