Pint Glasses

After a hard day of reading comics, and then giving people a piece of your mind on social media, it’s inevitable that folks will wat to enjoy an adult beverage – which could be a beer or maybe just a tall, refreshing glass of kombucha, brimming with fermented tea and bubbles.

And Dynamite has correctly assumed that the gear you’ll need to enjoy this refreshing pause is a Red Sonja pint glass. For those who cannot open a bottle with their teeth, perhaps a Vampirella bottle opener is required? Or if that’s not your cuppa, the CHaos Comics Smiley.

To enable the world to enjoy this experience, Dynamite is Kickstarting these products!

And don’t worry everything is shipping safely in a protective case. Just the other day we experienced the heartbreak of a broken coffee cup, so protection is the way to go.

Fans can enjoy a pint or two of Hyrkanian Hops to quench their thirst for all things Red Sonja with this two-piece Red Sonja pint glass set, designed to capture the She-Devil with a Sword as she appeared on the covers of Marvel Feature #4 and 1977’s Red Sonja #1, both illustrated by industry legend Frank Throne! Featuring the ever-classic Red Sonja logo on the back of each glass, this two-piece set ships in a protective case and comes enclosed in a window front collector box.
The Dynamite Barware Kickstarter also offers two different bottle opener options! For those without fangs, you can now open your Drakulon draft with the official Vampirella bottle opener! Made of sturdy, cold-cast zinc alloy and measuring approximately 4.5″ by 2″ in size, the bottle opener ships in a four-color display box and features two magnets on the back that will allow you to conveniently display on your refrigerator door, readily available for use!

Additionally, devotees of Chaos! Comics will smile from ear-to-ear as they pop the top on their tasty beverage with the Smiley the Psychotic Button bottle opener! Made of sturdy zinc alloy and stainless steel, and measuring approximately 3.75 inches tall, this toothy bottle opener also features a back magnet for ease of storage, and ships in a full-color box! 

“Dynamite has been honored to serve as the caretakers for these cherished comic characters for many years now,” says Nick Barrucci, CEO and Publisher of Dynamite Entertainment. “And as we continue to grow the categories that we provide for our dynamite fans, we’re excited to capture the rich history, spirit, and personality of these legendary characters with unique new collectibles not found anywhere else!”

The barware is expected to be ready for April Delivery, and by supporting the Kickstarter you get rewards that include digital issues, digital graphic novels, and character busts, some of which are depicted below.


  1. Why would an established publisher need to use Kickstarter to fund something this mundane? Is it just a ploy to cut retailers out of the loop and capitalize on an established financial network?

    Also, do comics sites get reimbursed for product promotions such as this? in particular seems to run a lot of questionable “news.”


  2. That Vampirella bottle opener is really tacky, innit? But I guess she’s got her nips in place, and that’ll be all that the target audience will care about.

  3. I’m pretty slow on the uptake but it just dawned on me that this Kickstarter stuff is never going away. Oh, there will almost certainly be real problems but this business model of begging/NFL seat licensing is going to change the whole concept of fandom. Future generations won’t be able to just watch a show or read a comic.


  4. It tells you how bad sales on Dynamite’s “Red Sonja” titles must be if they have to actually Kickstarter this.

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