LINE Webtoon is a popular digital comics platform, based in Korea, that came to the US last year. As previously announced, they’re bringing Marc Silvestri’s Cyber Force to the platform, starting today, with free downloads. .

Cyber Force was one of the original Image Comics titles, and follows a group of cybernetically enhanced do gooders who have adventures while being rendered in Silvestri’s fine line style.

The free comics will be available for a few months but in October all new Cyber Force adventures will debut on the platform.

“We see this partnership with LINE Webtoon as a way to please our audience of devoted Cyber Force fans as well as bring in new ones on this new experience which is revolutionizing the way we read comics,” Silvestri said in a statement. “We’ve already been deeply involved in developing the next Cyber Force storyline for the LINE Webtoon, and the results are going to truly blow our fans away.”

“Cyber Force is without question one of the most popular comics from one of the best comic studios around, and we’re happy to host the past two portions of the Cyber Force saga on LINE Webtoon,” LINE Webtoon Head JunKoo Kim said in a statement. “We really think this sets a great stage for this Fall when our readers will be able to experience new Cyber Force chapters exclusively on the Webtoon platform for free!”

Line Webtoon has other US comics debuts in the works. You can read the first issue free right in the above ink, or download the app for Android or iOS. 

And while you’re at it, there’s a ton more FREE comics to read at the site. So happy Monday poking around.





  1. I feel like this site lacks everytime it leans towards industry news and away from your personal comics tastes.
    You have wonderful taste in the comics you choose to read, and your website rarely reflects that.

  2. Jacob, I think industry news aids in understanding what is happening at all levels of the business. So I cover it.

    Also, Silvestri is widely recognized as the best pure artist among the Image founders. I have no problem posting his art here.

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