Somehow, it’s already Saturday again, and that must mean that it’s time for Weekend Reading 20!

Is anyone else already feeling the chilly mornings of autumn creeping around the corner, or is that just wishful thinking here at Stately Beat Manor? Here’s what we’ll be reading as we wait for summer to relinquish its stranglehold. What are your reading plans this weekend? Please let us know in the comment section!

Weekend Reading 20
Weekend Reading 20: Trans Girls Hit the Town

AVERY KAPLAN: I spent my week on prose thanks to the superb novel The Living Dead by George A. Romero and Daniel Kraus, so this his weekend, I’ll be focusing on comics, beginning with See You Next Tuesday by Jane Mai. Plus, now that Emma Jayne has announced a follow-up is on the way to Trans Girls Hit the Town, I’ll be revisiting that comic. Finally, I can’t stop thinking about Disco Titless, so I may as well revisit the superb 33-page prologue of Casey Nowak’s Bodyseed, a comic sure to blow your mind as thoroughly as their impeccably crafted collection, Girl Town.

Weekend Reading 20
Weekend Reading 20: Young Justice

TAIMUR DAR: I’m an unabashed fan of the Young Justice animated series but only briefly perused the tie-in comic from series co-creator/producer Greg Weisman as well as other writers and artists like Christopher Jones. Partly because the show’s cancelation was so bittersweet that it pained me to revisit the characters in comic form. Now that the show is back and a Season 4 is on the way hopefully by end of next year, I’m finally reading the entire Young Justice tie-in comic on the DC Universe platform.  

Weekend Reading 20
Weekend Reading 20: Winter Soldier

RICARDO SERRANO: It’s been a while since I’ve reread Captain America: Winter Soldier, by Ed Brubaker and this rainy New York weekend is asking for just that. I love how that story takes from pulp, noir, John LeCarré-style spy fiction and good old comic book storytelling to bring someone back from the dead and make it so believable. I’ll probably watch the movie after. Not that I need an excuse, but now I have one.