Julia Wertz rounds up some good ones.


  1. Aww… this makes me a little sad. If someone said that to the estimable Ms. Wertz I bet they were trying awkwardly to be nice.

    The weird thing about comics is that there are a lot of tell all cartoonists out there who say a lot of really negative things about themselves in their strips.

    Then, because our world is so small and meeting the “celebrities” is so easy, we sometimes meet them and try to tell them we think they don’t need to be as depressed as they represent themselves as being in their comics.

    I’ve never seen it, but I wouldn’t be surprised if somewhere in Ms. Wertz’s considerable output she said “I am going to die alone” or something like it. And so some dude awkwardly told her she wouldn’t… and it came out scary and weird because hey… it’s hard to tell a Con from an Autism Party. So what?

    And, by the way, technically speaking, if she is single now and he killed her then she would still die alone, so that couldn’t have been what he meant.

    Ha ha ha…

    Anyway, sometimes the sweetness of an awkward fan comes out creepy because they don’t know what to say and interacting at Cons is just weird.


    It’s still a funny panel tho, so I guess that’s cool, too.

  2. In one of the Trek films, Kirk had a dramatic line that he knows he’ll die alone (meaning with no one by his side). Imagine how Picard felt a couple movies later when Kirk died with him right there. :)