With everyone from a walrus to a cat doing the Harlem Shake, and given that the original video featured a Power Ranger and Ultraman, you may wondering, “Has there been a superhero Harlem Shake video?” Surprisingly, the answer is yes. Hint: watch the Multiverse one last.

What is the Harlem Shake? It involves gathering your friends in a messy room and jigging about merrily while wearing costumes and/or masks and loading the result on YouTube. Good clean fun, really. Although the Harlem Shake is a real dance going back a decade or more and performed in Harlem, the new dance is for those too uncoordinated to do it Gangnam Style.

And sociologists note, it is the first mainstream dance craze to involve cosplay.


As you can see from the above hit chart, it’s been going strong for a week, and hit supernova level at approximately 3:56 pm last Friday, and became passe on Wednesday. Will the meme last long enough to make it to the first big comicon of the year, Emerald City in 10 days, for a proper cosplaying edition? We’ll have to cross our fingers and hope.


Brooklyn DJ Baauer, creator of the actual “Harlem Shake” single is on the cover of this week’s Billboard, with some pals.

Finally, as with anything, Peanuts did it best.


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