Howard Stern fans got a candid interview with Paul Rudd the star of the well received and latest semi-successful Marvel film, “Ant-Man.” The interview took place on Monday after Stern admitted that he tried to buy the film rights because he believed in the character well before anyone else did, and Rudd discussed how he and Adam McKaye rewrote the script after Edgar Wright’s departure. Rudd also talked about how it was an honor to talk to Ant-Man co-creator Stan “The Man” Lee.

Lee confessed to Rudd that he especially excited to see Ant-Man get the movie treatment because Lee felt he could never convey the character like he envisioned it in his head because he felt limited with the confines of a comic book panel. He also talked about how he would fanboy while working with Michael Douglas, and his life as a deejay.

And even before ‘Clueless’, Paul had a career of a different kind: Bar Mitzvah Party DJ! At different points in his DJ career Paul wore a 50s-style Elvis wig, created a character and a dance called ‘Donnie the Dweeb’ and ended up giving a thirteen year old girl a lap dance.

Despite movie magic and CGI, there were some insect casualties:

Stern: Did you buy an ant farm when you got the role?

Rudd: No, but the guys that worked on the sound cart —that would hook us up with the mics— so they bought an ant farm, and they had it on the sound cart while we were shooting. One day we they came in and all the ants were just dead. People were felt very upset about that … more so than they would’ve…

I’m not a PETA activist, but, how the hell do you accidently kill ants? I’m very confident that they didn’t use a single real ant. I guess we will never know how many ants died during the making of the film.

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  1. This is shameful. With ant unemployment at an all-time high, why would Marvel use CGI ants instead of real ants. Not only do we need jobs, but we’re practically super-powered as it is (I can lift 5,000 times my weight).
    And ants dying because of inconsiderate human behavior is nothing to joke about. We’re tired of being stepped on. We deserve rights, too!
    Please show your support and tell Marvel that killing ants is NOT OK! And hire real ants next time, no more CGI!

    Eddie Antley

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