The nominees have been announced for the Shel Dorf Awards 2012. The awards nominate a lot of the usual incredibly talented suspects, with books like Daredevil, Batman and Walking Dead all receiving multiple nominations. The best news here, though, is that both Heidi MacDonald and Henry Barajas have been nominated for Comics Blogger of the year! Which means 1/3 of all good comic book journalism is to be found right here on The Beat! I believe this means Heidi will now be defending her victory from 2011. If Henry beats her, will he be fired? Could be interesting.

Couple that with a nomination for occasional Beat contributor Rich Johnston, and basically you have confirmation that The Beat would be the best comic book website of all time, if only it weren’t for my ruinous contributions. Congratulations to all the nominees – now go vote!  The Beat must win! I may be showing some bias right now. Here are your nominees:


Writer of the Year

Penciler of the Year

Inker of the Year

Colorist of the Year

Editor of the Year

Cover Artist of the Year

Letterer of the Year

Mini Series of the Year

Original Graphic Novel of the Year

Web Comic of the Year

Syndicated Print Strip of the Year

Comic To Multi-Media Adaption of the Year

Comic Blogger of the Year

Continuing Series of the Year

Self Published Comic of the Year

Kids’ Comic of the Year


  1. I don’t stand a chance against Heidi! I’m Romney in this race. Besides, you’re a way better blogger then me, Steve.

  2. “Scrappy underdog Henry Barajas admitted today that he faces an unhill battle, if he’s going to topple Shel Dorf Award titan Heidi MacDonald, but pledged to continue fighting for justice.”

  3. For best blogger my vote goes to underdog HENRY BARAJAS (sorry , Heidi). Writer and Artist along with Mini Series of the year goes to the same man, Sean Murphy for his ‘Punk Rock Jesus’. Penciler would be Steve Pugh, Cover Artist, Chris Samnee, ‘Underwater Welder’, Syndicated Strip to Gary Trudeau for ‘Doonesbury’, Continuing Series to Brian K. Vaughan for ‘Saga’, Self Published to Doug for ‘Arsenic Lullaby’ and Kid’s Comic to Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming for ‘Takio’. (Henry Barajas, ‘Arsenic Lullaby’ and ‘Underwater Welder’; at least I picked three that were also on your lists.)

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