In a case of burying the lede a bit, Shadowline has announced a new online comics site, including PLATINUM GRIT by Trudy Cooper and Danny Murphy, and perhaps most interestingly, a new online home for FINDER (above), Carla Speed McNeil’s ongoing SF saga. The site presents the comics in a Flash-based format. PR below.

The digital comics revolution continues as Image Comics’ Shadowline expands their web comics division with a number of titles from fan favorites and the newest generation of creators!

“While my first love comes in the traditional comics format, there’s no denying the massive amount of new ideas and talent coming from the online world,” said Shadowline Publisher Jim Valentino. “It’s become a way for creators like PLATINUM GRIT’s Trudy Cooper to gain recognition or established names like FINDER’s Carla Speed McNeil to get their work to a wider audience. We’re thrilled to bring these creators together in one collective.”

Shadowline’s continued diversity will be reflected in the web comics, as the line will vary from the science fiction of FINDER to the political intrigue of Len Kody & Jenny Frison’s CHICAGO: 1968 and even the oft-kilter superheroics of ACTION, OHIO by Neil Kleid and Paul Salvi. The lineup also currently includes newer titles like HANNIBAL GOES TO ROME, and the long-running YENNY and BRAT-HALLA. Future contributions include the web comic hit, PLATINUM GRIT by Trudy Cooper and Danny Murphy, and the upcoming LI’L DEPRESSED BOY featuring art by Jim Mahfood, Sam Kieth and more to come!

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  1. What a pity, all that shiny coding and there’s no way to access the archives as a whole, no table of contents and one must scroll in order to read the whole page.

    I hope the deal is good for Carla, but otherwise… fail.

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