Taddlecreekcover Big
Tom Devlin reports that Seth’s cover to the literary magazine Taddle Creek has been fiendishly absconded with:

While I was in Toronto this weekend, I picked up an issue of the lit-mag Taddle Creek because it had this truly spectacular wraparound Seth cover. Oh, how I coveted it. Well, it turns out that someone else coveted it too and snuck it out of the offices of Taddle Creek. Seth just emailed us this morning to let us know about the theft so keep your eyes peeled. Terrible terrible terrible!


  1. the magazine company is responsible and should give him what its worth on the market. thats why they have insurance.

    seth, if you are reading this have them put in a claim for its worth asap and file a police report…asap. thats key in getting your money.

    do it now.

    jimmy palmiotti.