Also: Why no BLACKSAD movie yet? Alexandre Aja was rumored to be involved.


  1. Okay… can’t watch the video at work… but the …tiger?… is shaving. Which reminds me of an Amazing Heroes swimsuit pin-up of Tigra, who had shaved for bikini season…

    Those “naturally juicy” Orangina ads are closer in style to Genus than to Blacksad. The print ads are quite well done.

  2. Actually, it kinda reminds me of OMAHA CAT DANCER (Waller and Worley).

    As for Tigra shaving, I am speaking from ignorance in regard to the swimsuit pin-up since I’ve never seen it, but perhaps they were going with the fact that a tiger’s skin is colored and striped identical to the coat. Thus, if Tigra shaved you’d still see the stripe pattern even when shaved.

    Then… perhaps I’m reading far too much into this. Hah!

  3. I wish I lived in a country that had TV commercials like that.

    While this may be Genus-like, it does run afoul of their rule against human/animal combos: they don’t want to get smacked for “bestiality”.

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