A classic LOVE AND ROCKETS cover.

Newsstand Cover-1
The cover to the second issue of Titan’s WWE comic.


  1. If anything, based on the light, cluttered wall and HHH’s hand position I would say it’s separated from X-Men 141, the Days of Future Past cover.

  2. I don’t see a strong connection between these two covers. One looks like a police lineup, the other looks like an ambush.

  3. i have trouble thinking that anyone involved with the wrestling comic has read L&R.

    how does it stack up against the wrestling stories in Love and Rockets?

  4. Look at HHH’s ludicrous outfit! I am disgusted by your coverage of such objectification of men. It makes me feel icky! ;-)

  5. Wow. Slow news day?? Are you implying the artist of the WWE cover copied the L&R cover?! Come on, the “circular spotlight against the wall” design has been used a million times over. the Hernandez Bros are great artists, but I doubt they pioneered this design sensibility.

    Please leave this junk to Rich “Leach” Johnston. Heidi, you don’t have to dig that deep in the mud for a post. Or if you do, please make it of something significant.

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