Marvel’s buffet of Secret Wars tie-ins just got weird. That’s really saying something when you consider the already announced titles that will be revisiting the publisher’s history or spotlighting obscure characters. Today over on EW, Marvel announced a new series that sounds like it came from Axel Alonso playing with his action figures, Age of Ultron vs Marvel Zombies.

The series, debuting this June, is by the recent All-New Invaders team of James Robinson and Steve Pugh, and will feature one of that book’s stars, Jimm Hammond, the original Human Torch. Taking place on the No Man’s Land part of the patchwork Battleworld planet, Ultron vs Zombies will see how the area becomes a prison of sorts for misfit continuities and battle rule breakers. Robinson described the off-the-wall premise of the story as, “Ultron sees his world as the epitome of perfection and the Zombies are the antithesis of that, so no they don’t get along at all,” says Robinson. “They war for whatever humanity they can find, with Ultron wishing to either control it or kill it and the zombies wanting to eat it.  They’re definitely at war.”

It’s shaping up as though Battleworld will be a place with severe consequences for the losers. Age of Ultron vs Marvel Zombies could potentially be the most fun Secret Wars tie-in to read. Readers will get a book that feels like it has weight in the event while seeing repercussions that may get overlooked in the main line. The series is set to debut on June 3 and was announced as an ongoing title. Although as of late in the Marvel Universe, ongoing just means it’ll get more than six issues.

In addition to the cover, a three page preview was also shown and you can see it all below.