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RECAP: Riverdale S4E16 – Chapter 73 – The Locked Room

Jughead hosts his own locked room murder mystery, with his own would be murderers!
Archie kisses Betty in the music room of Riverdale High

RECAP: Riverdale S4E15 – Chapter 72 – To Die For

How long does a guy have to be dead before his girlfriend moves on to his best friend?
riverdale f.p. jones hermione lodge

Studio Coffee Run 2/25/20: STAR WARS returns to Exegol and RIVERDALE loses two parent...

Welcome back, Studio Coffee Folks! Nerd-news reigns supremes this weekend as we kick off with rumors on yet another Star Wars project (supposedly on Exegol) in...
Archie and Veronica at the Ides of March party on Riverdale

RECAP: Riverdale S4E13 – Chapter 70 – The Ides of March

The Ides of March? Riverdale, it’s not even the Ides of February yet. Archie struggles to get out of bed pre-dawn, heading first to Andrews...

RECAP: Riverdale S4E12 – Chapter 69 – Men of Honor

Jughead duels Bret and we get a sneak peek at Riverdale spin-off Katy Keane!

Recap: RIVERDALE S4E11 – “Chapter 68: Quiz Show”

S is for sledgehammer
Friday Night Lights Riverdale

RECAP: Riverdale – S4E10 – Chapter 67 – Varsity Blues

Luna Rum! Frank's drugs! Can't lose!
Archie and Skeet, creature of the Riverdale night

RECAP: Riverdale – S4E9 – Chapter 66 – Tangerine

...Tangerine! Tangerine!

RECAP: Riverdale – S4E8 – Chapter 65 – In Treatment

Firefly's Gina Torres joins the cast of the hit CW series!

RECAP: RIVERDALE S4E7 – Chapter Sixty Four – The Ice Storm

Never eat Thanksgiving dinner at the Blossom's!

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