The sophomore season of Fox’s X-Men drama The Gifted is coming. At San Diego Comic-Con, during a private session, the cast talked about their return to pop culture’s biggest stage and what expectations will be.

According to Skyler Samuels (Frost Sisters) and Emma Dumont (Polaris), season 2 will have some deep conflicts between the particular pairings of characters fans saw rift in season one. Samuels character particularly fights with everyone including herself. Dumont talked about Polaris changes not only into motherhood but her turn to the dark side. According to the actress, her character has some of the most growing pains to play with as she has to balance a child with the weight of her place in the mutant/human war.

Blair Redford (Proudstar) and Sean Teale (Eclipse) touched on the emerging conflict between their characters. Season 2 will focus on the cracks in the leadership foundation of Proudstar, Marcos, and Polaris. Redford and Sean Teale explained in the show’s timeline, season 2 will start six months after the events of the season 1 finale as the threats of Sentinel Services and the emerging purifiers group will have grown to be more deadly. Teale and Dumont couldn’t elaborate on how much screen time they share thus far in filming season 2 but assure fans their characters will have many heated moments even if by proxy.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about the upcoming sophomore season of The Gifted is the fallout of the Strucker family tragedy. Stephen Moyer (Reed) and Natalie Alyn Lind ( daughter Lauren) characters are dealing with a family crisis from the death of youngest son Andy Strucker. According to the actors, the Strucker family is splintered and much of their season focuses on dealing with loss and finding a way to go on. We also come to find that the power of the twins may not be gone as Natalie talked about her character finding a new way to channel that destructive power seen when Lauren and her brother hold hands.

Dumont became the face of The Gifted’s presence at SDCC this year as her poster adorns a few dozen levels of the outside of the Omni tower across the street from the convention center. In the show’s first appearance at Comic-Con, the cast was a nervous wreck showing off a property no one has seen with a distinct history in pop culture. Their return is being enjoyed with more smiles among the group. To Sean Teale, this year is where we get to have fun making the show and have fun talking about it.”

The Gifted was definitely a welcome surprise to fans. A show about one of the most beloved universes of characters resting on the shoulders of a B-player roster. Through sheer performance and letting go of continuity to tell a unique story, the show definitely earned a season 2. I can’t wait to see it come back.

The Gifted returns on Fox, September 25, 2018.


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