The biggest year for Marvel in gaming means it gets to take over Hall H at SDCC for the Marvel Games panel. Hosted by Kinda Funny’s Greg Miller the inital panel consisted of Marvel Games’ Bill Rosemann was joined by Mike Jones exec producer marvel Games, Matt Kramer creative Sanzaru Games, Heeyoung Lee and Pine Sohn (Marvel Battle Lines), Jason Bender from Foxnext (Marvel Strike Force)

The panel starts with a sizzle reel for current Marvel Games projects, when the room lights come back up Greg Miller starts the show.

Marvel Powers United VR is the first game up. Talking about the game’s SDCC debut last year and the overwhelming fan response the virtual reality Marvel action game.  A new trailer was shown depicting kids dressing up for Halloween 1989, young kinds cosplaying as their favorite Marvel characters cuts to the kids today dawning Marvel Powers United in VR for as close to the real thing as possible. Doctor Strange, Captain America, Spider-Man, Storm, Iceman and Wolverine were announced. With Thanos and Loki in the trailer as well as hinted at antagonists. Eighteen playable characters will be available when the game launches for Oculus Rift on July 26, 2018.

Marvel Powers VR Playable characters

We caught up with Matt Kramer from Sanzaru games to elaborate a bit more on Marvel Powers VR Story. Thanos is indeed the big bad of the game with other Marvel villains such as Venom and Loki acting as boss battles you need to get through. In Powers United, Thanos has shattered the cosmic cube unleashing havoc across the Marvel U. Our heroes must battle their greatest villains in order to recover fragments of the cube on the road to battling the mad titan.

Marvel Battle Lines is up next. More card art is being shown on the screen of the battle card game with over 100 characters available. The game features a storyline written by seasoned writer Alex Irvine. A new teaser for the game was shown that makes the game look like a straight up Yugi-oh duel.

Foxnext announced a few new tidbits for Marvel Strike Force, the Marvel turn-based battle game. After Deadpool and Ant-Man, next up for Strike Force is Ms. Marvel Kamala Khan. No word on exactly how she would be available to players either via Blitz or through special event. There’s a Strike Force comic book available at SDCC at the FoxNext Games booth next to Marvel.

Bill Rosemann announced new characters for Marvel Future Fight, introducing Cable, Domino, and Deadpool. Mike Jones talked about the other game that couldn’t be at the show, Contest of Champions; the Marvel fighting game will get an encyclopedia based on all the concepts and realms created by the developers. The books will be published in a partnership with Titan Books. Available December 10. At the tail end of their time a short video brought new characters Redskull, Heimdall, and Korg to the game.

Finishing in grand fashion was the Insomniac team of creative director Brian Intihar, art director Jacinda Chew, lead writer Jon Paquette, and the voice of Spider-Man, Yuri Lowenthal.

Insomniac had tons to show off for their PlayStation 4 exclusive Spider-Man game including the very first cinematic players will see. We open on a police scanner, drawings for web shooter desings, and various tech projects where normal people have dirty clothes laying on the floor. As the police band connected to Peter Parker’s phone broadcasts trouble at Fisk tower Peter is sprung into action much like you were when you woke up late for school. As Peter is about to suit up you’ll notice he dawns the classic costume comic book fans find iconic. The cinematic ends as Spider-Man transitions into gameplay swinging around New York.

The audience also learned the sleek White Spider suit is tied to the mission you’re headed off to a Fisk tower. Something happens that gives Peter a need to create a new suit but Insomniac are keeping that little bit to themselves for now.

The developer did have a ton to show first of which was the 3rd pre-order bonus suit, one designed by Marvel’s own Adi Granov who you know did wonders for Iron Man. The suit is sleek and resembles Tom Holland’s Infinity War Spidey but with more “glowy bits.”

In addition to the game a slew of merchandise is joining the already popular white spider gear you may see around. First was a new art book that gives players an extended look at this universe created by Insomniac. Titan Books is also publishing a prequel graphic novel telling the events leading up to the PS4 game. Popular art company, Mondo will also be doing a vinyl album soundtrack for the game with special art exclusive to the record.

Not to be outdone, Funko is bringing another PlayStation Spider-Man Funko Pop along with Miles Morales, Mister Negative, and a cute Mary Jane complete with mini spidey.

A new story trailer showed off the game’s deep conflict between Spider-Man and mayor Norman Osborn as he has the webslinger declared a criminal. As the city gets overrun by the escaped super criminals from The Raft, the city becomes overrun. Spidey and his allies mount a resistance to take down the sinister six. The trailer did two things. It painted in how diverse Insomniac are going with the spider-universe cast of characters as they showed a lot of interaction between Peter and Miles Morales. Fans also got the introduction of Sivler Sable as her team is hired to hunt down Spier-Man and will act as an opposing force to our hero. At least in the begining of the game.

To close out the Marvel Games panel, the Insomniac team unveiled a limited edition Spider-Man red PS4 console. The bundle will include the game, a red PS4 with giant white spider painted on, and a special DualShock 4 complete with all white button scheme.

The Spider-Man PS4 will be available as a bundle at launch.