After this story’s publication, DC clarified that the Sandman Universe titles are ongoing, but planning has only been completed for 12 issues.

Today at San Diego Comic-Con, Nalo Hopkinson, famed sci-fi writer and one of the minds behind the upcoming DC Vertigo Sandman Universe series House of Whispers took the stage to highlight her new work.

During the panel, Hopkinson dropped some new information about House of Whispers and presumably the other Sandman Universe titles. While she was discussing the pitch process for the series, Hopkinson said that she originally envisioned her book as a graphic novel, but then Vertigo told her that “they didn’t want a graphic novel…they wanted a serialized graphic novel…12 issues.”

Later in the panel, Hopkinson confirmed that the other titles in the Sandman Universe line will also run for 12 issues, telling an audience member that the line will begin with August’s Sandman Universe #1 comic, followed by one of the series spinning out from the one shot coming out each month “for 12 issues.” This shows that the model for the Sandman Universe titles will hew closer to the models used by Vertigo and other pop up imprints like Young Animal than the indefinite run periods of main line DC titles like Batman, which may change creatives but are highly unlikely to cease publication.

Hopkinson also went into detail describing the origins of her story and the influences behind it. She mentioned, interestingly, that the pitch process with Vertigo took several years from a first approach by editor Ellie Pyle, now with Riot Games, in 2016 to a final acceptance by Jamie Rich in mid 2017. She mentioned the way that Voodoo and New Orleans come together to form the heart of House of Whispers and the challenges that come from working on this title while teaching university full time and being disabled.

Stay tuned to the Beat for coverage on Vertigo’s big news panel tomorrow, where we’ll learn a lot more about the House of Whispers and the Sandman Universe at large.


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