If horror is your thing, you’re no doubt familiar with the name of John Carpenter; the master storyteller whose movie resume includes favorites such as Big Trouble in Little China, Halloween, Christine, and an entire film schools worth of entertainment.  At SDCC 2017 fans will have their first chance to see the new officially licensed art book celebrating the 35th Anniversary of the director’s most influential film, The Thing.

The Thing 35th Anniversary Art Book from Printed in Blood is 400 pages full of original art from professionals in various parts of the entertainment industry. What’s most appealing is the work put in from big name comic book creators. In the book, you’ll see art from Jim Calafiore, David Mack, John Bogdanove, Cat Staggs, Tim Bradstreet, Eric Powell, and a whole bunch more. Along with artistic interpretations of the cult classic film, the collection will feature an introduction from director/actor Eli Roth. Someone whose work is no stranger to the influences of Carpenter’s career. John Carpenter himself writes the book’s afterword, giving fans an insight into his thoughts after looking back on his work 35 years later.

If you aren’t going to Comic-Con next week, you can purchase the book @ PrintedinBlood.com. Those attending SDCC 2017 can purchase the regular edition of The Thing 35th Anniversary Artbook at Aspen Comics booth #2320 or the special SDCC exclusive variant in a matching slipcase packed with six prints not found in the regular edition.

Check out some of the art you’ll see by Cat Staggs, Jim Calafiore, and Tim Bradstreet:



  1. I trust that John W. Campbell Jr gets some sort of credit in the book? It was his 1938 short story “Who Goes There?” upon which the script is based, and it was Campbell who had the idea of an alien that could exactly duplicate its human victims. Carpenter’s film was closer to Campbell’s story than the 1951 Thing From Another World, which was only a distant relative of Campbell’s story.

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