Marvel have announced that in November Kieron Gillen and Adam Kubert will be taking on the daunting job of creating a follow-up to Wolverine: Origins. Picking up straight after the original book ended, Origins II will see Wolverine facing up to who he is, and where he has to go next.


Origins was (and still is) a controversial story amongst fans, as it detailed for the first time how the character came to be. Wolverine’s amnesia had been a massive plotpoint of his first few decades in the superhero comic business, but Origins wiped all that free and gave him back his complete memories.

Origins II will be following up from that, as Gillen and Kubert take the now-feral Wolverine and bring him back to civilization. The details reveal that he’ll then come face to face with Mr Sinister – never good news – and find himself in a whole new heap of trouble.

This’ll be a reunion between Gillen and Mr Sinister then, which will then push Wolverine presumably towards the path that leads to him founding Weapon X, inspiring Xavier to start the X-Men, and then getting a bonk in the brain which takes away all memory of any of this happening.

This’ll also complete another circle – artist Adam Kubert, by taking on this story, will be picking up where his brother Andy began in the original book!


  1. I thought Origins was a huge let down.
    I read it not as a Wolverine fanboy, but as a guy who got slightly swept up into “NuMarvel” and remembered a couple Claremont stories from when I was a kid.

    That first twist in the first issue was fun in a kind of “i saw it coming, and was happy to see it happen” sort of way, but everything after that dragged like crazy.

  2. I’ll also be pretty pissed if Weapon X came from anything other than man’s Cold War paranoia.

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