As evidenced by the damning photos of an unconscious Tharg curled up drunk under a convention table, 2000AD have been at SDCC in full force this year. Yesterday they teamed up with IDW – who handle the American printing of many of their titles – for a panel where they announced several new projects, and updated several others.


The biggest news reported is that IDW will continue their partnership with the company by printing a new Rogue Trooper series in 2014. This would be the character first created by Gerry Finley-Day and Dave Gibbons, the last living member of a group of soldiers who were betrayed and slaughtered. Rogue Trooper heads off on a mission of revenge, aided by his comrades – who might be dead, but still exist in a ghost form, ‘living’ inside his equipment.

Now, IDW haven’t announced a creative team for the series, which is strange. The book is still scheduled for some way into the future, but it does seem surprising to announce a title before you’ve got creators. Not sure I’m particularly keen on that decision.

One title which does have a creative team is the sequel to the Dredd movie, which will be written by Arthur Wyatt and drawn by Henry Flint. As a film sequel to the Alex Garland-penned movie seems unlikely (it was critically praised but commercially unsuccessful), this comic will serve as a follow-up to the story instead. Called Dredd: Underbelly, this will start in Judge Dredd Megazine later this year.

2000AD itself will be bringing back several stories for new runs later this year – Ian Edginton and INJ Culbard’s Brass Sun will return soon, along with new Strontium Dog  stories towards the end of the year.

It was also announced that Ulysses Sweet, originally created by Grant Morrison and Johnny Johnstone, will also be returning this year, albeit with a different creative team.

Finally, IDW will be soon be reprinting Sinister Dexter in collected formats, the series created by Dan Abnett and David Millgate.


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