It’s Sunday.  Con is slowly running down.  As am I…  Ann Curry cosplaying, Robert Morton Downey Jr., Will Ferril directing “Total Recall”…

Here’s the latest (and I do me “late”… I didn’t scan Saturday’s news!):

I’ll be reverse linking… starting at the latest news listings at Sunday, 1 PM ET, and working my way down the feed…

Ah-EEEEE!  Godzilla is coming! (To the big screen, via Warners and Legendary.  So who does the comics tie-in, DC, IDW, or Legendary?)

Comic-Con: Hasbro Studios Head Stephen Davis Talks the Brony Movement, TRANSFORMERS, STRETCH ARMSTRONG, BATTLESHIP and More

The Washington Post instructs on how to enjoy Comic-Con remotely.  Awww… Robert Downey, Jr. surrounded by little Iron Men!

(Here’s the info about RDJ and the kids! There was an Iron Man contest for kids at the Marvel booth!  He is now one of the coolest actors in Hollywood. Oh, and that blurb from a restroom?  AMPAS, please get him to host the Oscars next year!)

Our friends over at the Mary Sue (we get together for random game nights at random Manhattan bars), have the “while you were sleeping” summary of Saturday.  Ant-Man has been cast, and has been at Con?!

Zack Snyder teases with “Justice League”.

Mondo, purveyor of awesome geek prints, announces a special “Dark Knight Rises” print, on sale for 24 hours only.  Plus one lucky consumer wins a special print!

How the con’s show floor is like finding a mystic portal into a British children’s novel, explains the Onion’s AV Club.

Comic-Con attendees reflect on the convention’s changing atmosphere: As annual gathering goes more mainstream, many true-blue aficionados increasingly feel shut out, reports U-T San Diego.

Weekend Edition guest host David Greene takes a tour of the largest comic book convention, the giant Comic-Con in Los Angeles [sic].  Audio file at NPR.

Prism Comics reports from the Con!  Part Two.

The Jakarta Globe features the secret superhero of Image Comics! (Via the New York Times, if the byline is any indication.)

‘Artemis Fowl’ author at Comic-Con disses pudgy Spider-Man dressups: Eoin Colfer plans lounge-lizard musical, a time-travel series ‘WARP’

Red Capret photos from Comic-Con, including the latest from (just a sec… let me cutandpaste…) Adrianne Curry, who appears to be cosplaying as…someone from Mortal Kombat?  (sorry… I avoid videogames with more than one button)  At least she has muscle tone!  Unlike those Spider-fans Eoin Colfer saw!

Let’s see…  Ms. Curry has cosplayed: Wonder Woman, Slave Leia, Sally Jupiter, Raptor Jesus, (Mortal Combat), a Death Star officer (nice leather), Aeon Flux, A Clockwork Orange, Leeloo Dallas…  [Yes, we search Google for sexy pics of Adrianne Curry so you don’t have to!]

The Comic-Con Cosplay That Almost Made Me Cry, by Kotaku’s Evan Narcisse.

Okay…  It’s 2:30, and I’m caught up to Friday night.

So… was it a good prank? I’ll let others discuss Karl Urban’s Star Trek film.

Life imitates art?  The 40th Anniversary ‘Funky Winkerbean’ Panel Was, Of Course, Canceled [SDCC]

…And I’m up-to date.  Let’s try some specific searches… stuff which might have been overlooked…

A month ago (June 15), U-T San Diego reported on trying to get CCI to commit past 2015.   Tax funding, actual construction, and a mayoral election remain unknowns.

So, what about Las Vegas?  Martha Thomases of ComicMix compares Vegas to Comic-Con.  Robot6 discusses the heartbreak of Comic-Con.

Deadline Hollywood wonders if there is a Comic-Con Effect for movies.  Does CCI help, or hurt, a movie at the box office?

Okay, time to search AP for photos…

Kevin Bacon performed (as in music) at Comic-Con.

The Glee poster signing (just to give an idea of crowds at Comic-Con):

The Aquabats! Super Show!


Yes, that’s a line.


It’s 5 PM.  Time for cocktails outside on the balcony.


  1. Line for Hall H on Saturday was over 2 and a half miles long. No thanks.

    Panels were next to impossible to get into this year unless you camped out over night or were there at 2 in the morning.

  2. Johnny… that was a joke up top… I made the mistake in an earlier post… and you missed the other three errors in that same sentence!

    I did get it right down below… where I talk about her cosplay.

    Hall H: A columnist for Slate wrote about waiting in line at Hall H. For what? To see a few trailers and maybe ask a question? (Which will almost instantly be blogged ad infinitum on every news site.) All those lines do is keep people from the other spaces in the Con. Could you imagine all those people in line wandering around the convention center?

    Once again, I’ll suggest tickets/wristbands for events in Hall H. They keep saying there’s not enough time for clearing the room, but there is time built in between panels already, they could start earlier, end later (24/7?)

  3. Actually, I should have done it drunk… I got to stay home and check the news feeds, but by Sunday evening, I was wiped out.

    But I should be recovered by October…