Meanwhile, over at the Unofficial Comic-Con live journal, Twi-Hards are worried they will have to hold it for days while camping out.

Where do you go to the bathroom if you’re camping out?
I’m really curious, and very worried now since my group and I have plans to camp out and this only just now crossed our minds.

One fellow doesn’t get that this is a temporary tent city set up outside the Hilton, not a tent, campfire and potty pail type operation:

See my next comment. If it’s any kind of official camping within the city limits the campground will be required to provide sanitary facilities.

I’ve done everything from fancy RV-park camping in New Orleans for Jazz Fest to tenting with no sanitary facilities while going to a festival in upstate NY. So I figured I’d cover everything.

Is there some kind of “official” Comic-Con camping? If so, where is it listed? I might want to do that next year.

One spoil sport has to pipe up and quash this dream:

(And no, there’s no official Comic Con camping. San Diego is an extremely urban city [think LA, only nicer]; there’s no camping grounds for miles and miles as far as I know.)

Only to lead to MORE disappointment:

Darn! I thought there was camping for Comic-Con and I was all excited.

On a more practical matter, posters suggest the old hotel bathroom ploy, and, for the brave at heart:

If you can’t get into the convention center, directly across the street next to the Tin Fish there’s a public bathroom.

2011-07-06 09:07 pm (local) (link) 
I’ve also used the bathroom at the Marriott. If you walk in like you belong there, they usually don’t hassle you.


  1. New York strategies:
    Hotels: Search for the bar. There’s usually a restroom nearby. If you want to be coy, wander the bar “searching” for someone you know, then stop at the restroom on the way out.

    Otherwise, there’s usually a hotel map in the lobby. If the meeting rooms are in use, then you can try using the restrooms nearby.

    You can also politely ask the concierge. If you look somewhat normal, they’ll probably direct you to a nearby restroom.

    Fast Food: A general rule of world travel… McDonald’s always has clean restrooms. Starbucks will be more plentiful (Island and Fourth). I will usually make a small purchase in gratitude. Barnes & Noble stores will have restrooms near the cafe, and elsewhere if multi-story.

    For those outside Hall H, there are restrooms outside Hall G, as well as near Rooms 26, 28, and 29 directly above. (Use the stairs to the Plaza Terrace.)

    The closest RV and camping site is located south of the convention center, near highway 54 (KOA). If you have a military ID, Fiddler’s Cove across the bay on Silver Strand Boulevard offers dry camping (no electrical or water hookups).

    Unknown if one can park an RV in a parking garage…