Do you even NEED to go inside the convention hall any more? Besides Tr!ckster, the comic book pavilion, Cirque Du Soleil, a South Park carnival and all the other hoohah, video games are setting up camp on the streets of San Diego big time, Forbes reports:

Sega is also unveiling a brand new Aliens game at the convention. And the game publisher is setting up its own off-site Sega Pop Arcade just down the street from the San Diego Convention Center. Konami Digital Entertainment, BioWare and Microsoft will all have games on display away from the convention floor, where many fan boys and fan girls who couldn’t get tickets to the big event (this year’s show sold out in a few hours) can check out games early. Konami has games set up at the W Hotel, while Electronic Arts’ BioWare is set up at the Hilton with Star Wars: The Old Republic, Mass Effect 3 and Dragon Age II: Legacy.

The XBOx Lounge is taking over the Hard Rock Cafe. And CHUCK star Zachary Levi (!) has organized something called Nerd HQ at Joltin Joes, yet ANOTHER four-day off-site event with panels, celebrities and game demonstrations. Zach Quinto, Felicia Day and the cast of Firefly will all be doing panels at the event. However you must buy a ticket for each panel, and every ticket is $20 a pop. So a 4-day pass is still a better value — if you can get one.

Looks like the one thing you won’t find at Comic-Con is a dull moment.