A super hero pub crawl, a StarTrek-themed dive, the Zombie Walk, Wil Wheaton’s Wootstock, Geek Girl Network’s Geek Out, Kevin Smith’s SMODcast, entitled “Jay and Silent Bob get Old” — dear gold, if you can’t find something fun to do instead of standing in line for Hall H, you have a problem.

This site has the bext guide to off-site and unofficial events — dancing, singing, marching, you name it. But we DID want to bring your attention to a couple of other things to do:

§ Here’s a list of Comic-Con happy hours — you’re definitely going to need a cold one after a day at the con.

§ Also you might want to follow the Gaslamp Quarter’s official twitter for specials on food and drink and restaurant tips. The locals seem to be opening Comic-con with open arms this time out.

§ Finally, San Diego has a Haunted Hotel that’s normally operates during Halloween, as most hanted hotels do, but it’s open for Comic-Con. How wacky is that?


  1. RE: Happy Hours

    Heidi, since you are a comics nexus and oracle, will you be hosting a cocktail party somewhere in San Diego?

    I mean, your nemesis over at USA Today will probably be hosting one… and there’s less stress if everyone you want to meet comes visit you, instead of having to deal with (p)sycophants and velvet ropes.

    Perhaps Analog on Saturday? 7-10 PM Karaoke. Fifth and F Streets.

  2. CNET Base Station featuring GameSpot – CNET will host a free 2-day interactive environment directly across the street from Comic-Con at Lou & Mickey’s Restaurant, right at the Gaslamp Archway. Taking place on Thursday & Friday of Comic-Con (July 21 & 22) and open all day from 11am onwards, the CNET Base Station is the place for Comic-Con attendees (and superhero fans alike) to take a break from the show. Stop by to Power Up, Play On and Win Big and get some superhero treatment with gadget charging stations, food and drinks on the house, play hot new video games in the GameSpot Game Room, and win cool prizes like gaming consoles, tablets, iTunes and game-point cards, cameras and more. A local DJ will spin fun music while guests relax, mingle and recharge. Let them know you’re coming – check out their Eventbrite page.