This post has been edited to add actual content, now that the panel has finished!

Coming out of Fear Itself will be a bi-weekly 12 issue maxi-series called The Fearless, featuring work from Matt Fraction, Chris Yost, Cullen Bunn, Mark Bagley and Paul Pelletier, and will focus on the fates of the various hammers and their wielders from Fear Itself. Valkyrie will have a major role. Some old fan favorites are back. Squirrel Girl, that ridiculous mighty powerhouse who took on Thanos himself, will be appearing in New Avengers. Floating giant head villain M.O.D.O.K. will appear in Hulk. Captain America, Thor and Iron Man’s personal pain and angst will each get their own time in the spotlight in a series of one-shots called Shattered Heroes. Hulk and Bruce Banner will battle it out explosively, with, for a twist, Banner being the bad one, in a story arc called “Hulk Asunder”. Red She-Hulk will appear in The Defenders.


  1. If someone had come to me and told me that he had an idea for a story that involved giving Odin a brother he’d never had, who happened to be a fear god, I’d have told him to forget it.

    Fear gods are cliches in comics. Dr. Strange fought a group of them once — remember D’Spayre?

    Writers should have more respect for mythology. Inventing new gods insults the source material.