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Oni has a bunch of cool new stuff including…MY NAME IS EARL? Wha–? Also new books by Ray Fawkes and Camerson Stewart, and Ande Parks and Shawn Crystal and announcements from Jim Massy & Robbie Rodriguez, Vasilis Lolos, Marc Guggunheim, B. Clay Moore, James Stokoe.

PLUS…we hear a certain gent named Bryan Lee O’Malley will be making a special last minute guest appearance.

Comic-Con International 2006 will be the site of a number of exciting announcements from Oni Press. In addition to a full schedule of signings and portfolio reviews at their booth located at Booth 1934, the crew from Oni is gathering for a panel at 10:30 AM on Saturday, July 22 in Room 8 to preview and discuss new titles from Ray Fawkes & Cameron Stewart, Hunter Covington, Ande Parks, and many, many more.

Man, I can’t put into words how jazzed I am about the next year’s worth of Oni Press projects,â€? commented James Lucas Jones, editor-in-chief, about the announcements. “All of these new comics and graphic novels fit perfectly into an already rich and diverse Oni catalog, while simultaneously adding new flavors to the Oni smorgasbord. Our tried-and-true favorite creators are moving in compelling new directions with their work, and we are pleased to welcome some very talented new creators into the Oni fold as well.â€?

Titles announced will be released throughout the next year, and run the gamut covering a wealth of genres and formats and include both new creator-owned projects as well as new licensed comics.

This winter, Oni Press returns to licensed comics with a new series based on the smash NBC hit comedy MY NAME IS EARL! For those people who have been living under a rock for the last year, MY NAME IS EARL is the story of Earl Hickey (played by Jason Lee), a former petty criminal who wins the lottery and sets out to right the wrongs he’s committed in his life. With help from his friends and family, Earl works his way through the list he’s compiled of all his misdeeds, making amends and generating a ton of laughs along the way. Helping Earl along on his comedic quest for karmic redemption in the comics is EARL staffer Hunter Covington.

“When we first started talking to Fox about doing EARL comics, Hunter is one of the first names that came up,â€? Oni Publisher Joe Nozemack explained. “Hunter is the script coordinator for the show, a big comics fan, and the writer of one of my favorite EARL episodes, ‘The Bountyhunter.’ With a resume like that, I knew we had to get him involved in our new adventures of Earl and the gang.â€?

But Hunter isn’t alone in crossing things off Earl’s list. He’ll be joined by a bevy of comic creators in making the full color adventures of Earl to the comic page. Who? Well, you’ll have to come to the Oni Press panel to find out!

Ray Fawkes (MNEMOVORE, SPOOKSHOW) and Cameron Stewart (SEVEN SOLDIERS: THE GUARDIAN, THE OTHER SIDE) bring their cult-favorite series THE APOCALYPSTIX to Oni in 2007. THE APOCALYPSTIX are the all-girl rock band of tomorrow and their adventures have previously appeared in the Toronto Comic Art Festival’s FESTIVAL! anthology, as well as the digest jam book RUMBLE ROYALE.

“I’ve been trying to find a way to work with Cameron Stewart since about five seconds after I got hired on at Oni!â€? exclaimed Oni Press editor in chief James Lucas Jones. “But despite my efforts, the timing was never quite right. As soon as I heard that Cameron and the equally awesome Ray Fawkes were wanting to do more with the Mandy, Megumi, and Dot from the APOCALYPSTIX shorts, I set out to convince them to do it here at Oni.â€?

But the first APOCALYPSTIX graphic novel isn’t the only new book that has the boys at Oni Press excited. Also scheduled for release next year is BLOOD RED, a new graphic novel from Oni Press stalwart Ande Parks and artist Shawn Crystal.

“Earth colonizing Mars! A man with no stomach! Vengeance ! Oh, and Christian Fundamentalist terrorists!â€? exclaimed artist Shawn Crystal. “Ande has crafted a story that won’t let you go until it’s had its way with you and I’m bursting at the seams with excitement that I get to draw the sucker!â€?

“We love Ande to death here at W.H.O.O.P.s! (the World Headquarters Of Oni Press)â€? exclaimed Oni managing editor Randal C. Jarrell. “We’re excited to see him leaving Kansas for new locales and situations. And adding an insanely talented illustrator like Shawn Crystal to the project? That’s like winning the lottery two weeks in a row!â€?

The panel will also feature peeks at already announced projects from Brian Hurtt, Cullen Bunn, & Corey Lewis, as well as announcements and first looks at totally new projects from Jim Massy & Robbie Rodriguez, Vasilis Lolos, Marc Guggunheim, B. Clay Moore, James Stokoe, and others. Plus, fans attending the panel can count on some special giveaways and prizes as a thank you from Oni for their continued support.

“I’m sure there will be some surprises at this year’s presentation,â€? concluded Jones. “We work with some of the most creative and spontaneous people I’ve ever met and they consistently find ways to delight and inspire me. We’re excited to have our panel at Comic-Con and give our fans a special opportunity to look behind the curtain at what we’re cooking up for next year and beyond.â€?