Skribbl at Story Boredom presents a lovely field guide to the types you’ll see at Comic-con, with their habits noted.


Look out for this one near any bathroom entrance or waste recepticle. Instead of waiting to get home to read their latest purchase, they plop themselves down at the highest traffic walkway intersection and begin reading.


The curiously androdgynous Table Toad can be found around the noon hour, eating, reading or sleeping at one of the scarcely available tables near the food court. They haul their morning purchases to the table and set up their base camp leaving only to add relish/mustard/sauerkraut to their eight dollar hot dogs. Trying to communicate with this beast in hopes of sharing the table will only lead to frustration as they only reply in a series of mumbles, raspy breaths, eye rolls and the occasional bodily function. Approach at your own risk.


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