San Diego Comic-Con is typically for comics as in books, not comics as in comedians, but why not both? Image Comics has announced The Holy Roller, a new series from comedian Andy Samberg and Fall Out Boy guitarist Joe Trohman, teaming with seasoned comics writer Rick Remender and artists Roland Boschi and Moreno Dinisio. The series, part of Image’s Giant Generator Studios line of books, follows a vigilante who takes justice into his own hands armed only with a trick bowling ball.

Here’s how Image describes The Holy Roller:

To care for his ailing father, pro-bowler Levi Coen is forced to quit his dream job and return to his hometown, which he soon discovers has been overrun by Neo-Nazis! With only his bowling ball collection to defend himself, Levi becomes THE HOLY ROLLER!

Honestly up for any story where Neo-Nazis get the shit kicked out of them, so this book sounds great.

In a statement announcing the series, Andy Samberg, Joe Trohman, and Rick Remender all elaborated on the themes of a series where a guy uses a bowling ball to fight crime:

“If you have ever found yourself wondering, ‘Why is there no comic book about a vigilante hero who smashes people’s faces in with a bowling ball?’ you are in LUCK, bruv!” said Samberg.

“Sometimes the best stories start off as silly, over-the-top ideas that after a little while become clear to everyone in the room are actually great. This is one of those,” said Remender. “This is a hilarious and poignant story, full of big action, and told from a place of real passion.”

Trohman added: “This is an intensely personal book that will resonate with all. A hyper-stylized yarn, but informed by the bleak reality we’ve all come to know. It’s also your one-stop-shop for a bad-ass Jewish guy kicking, punching, and bowling-balling Neo-Nazis into oblivion!”

The Holy Roller #1 will feature an array of variant covers by some of comics’ top talent, including J.H. Williams III, Brett Parson, Keron Grant, Brian Level, Mike Hawthorne, and Rafael Albuquerque.

Check out a few of those variant covers, as well as an interior preview of the first issue, below. The 42-page The Holy Roller #1 is due out in stores and digitally on Wednesday, November 22nd.

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