By Diego Higuera

The cast of The Ghost of Molly McGee makes their triumphant arrival at San Diego Comic-Con!

The cast and crew talk about their favorite moments, and behind the scenes. It was hosted by the vice president of Disney television animation, Doug Bensimon. Alongside creators and executive producers Bill Motz, Bob Roth, and executive producer Steve Loter. The cast members that attended consisted of Eric Edelstein (voice of Geoff), Michaela Dietz (Voice of Darryl McGee), and composer Rob Cantor.

All Disney’s The Ghost and Molly McGee Fan Enhappification Panel attendees were treated to a never-before-seen animatic of their Disney Channel segment, “Broken karaoke”, “I just want to eat bread” which is a cover from the new movie, “Zombies 3” song, “Exceptionally Zed”.

Some of the cast could not attend the panel and sent ahead a little “Enhappification” to attendees in the form of a video of Ashly Burch (voice of Molly Mcgee), Dana Snyder (voice of Scratch), Jordan Klepper (voice of Pete Mcgee), and Sumalee Montano (voice of Sharon McGee and Grandma Nin) thanking and apologizing to attendees for not being there but reassuring them that this panel had a lot in store for them.

Bensimon asked Edelstein and Dietz what the experience has been like working on the show. Dietz stated, “It’s been such a wonderful experience for me and I feel like from the time I’ve been associated with the show I’ve kind of grown up a bit. These are really messy times right now and it’s been such both an honor and such a blast to be part of a show that really inspires people, that, you know, really can make a difference”. Although Edelstein said “That’s a good answer, I went the other way I’ve gotten more immature,” this was cut off by attendees laughter before Edelstein gave his heartfelt answer: “I love this show so much, I’m so happy to be a part of something that puts so much joy and goodness into the world”.

Loter then went on to praise the work Rob Cantor has done for the show mentioning how Cantor has made 40 plus songs for season one of the show. Cantor says “I feel like I get to be Weird Al over and over again, the parameters in place let your creativity flourish”.

The panel then showed a song that got cut from the episode “The Greatest Concert Ever” where Scratch and Molly are auditioning people. Cantor described how it was supposed to be a 3-second a capella group but unintentionally made it into an ode for organ harvesting.

The panelists then went over their favorite songs of the show and in a touching moment, Cantor said his favorite song was “Another Libby Beat Poem” where Libby (voiced by Lara Jill Miller) tells the story of Hanukkah proceeding to play the video on the screen. The panel then premiered an all-new song Animatic for season two called “Dance with Me”.

Afterward, Bensimon asks the crew what their favorite thing is about the show. Cantor said, “my favorite thing about the show is that we wanted to show a real family going through real hardships and dealing with some of the issues, economically especially, that don’t necessarily get shown in an animated sitcom world”. Dietz added another important point in which she remarks “for me one of my favorite parts from being a part of the show is hearing from fans, from families who are Asian American, and I have a little girl who’s half Asian and just representation is so important”.

Finally, the panel premiered the all-new season 2 song “Enjoy Your Afterlife” which opened up the floor to  Q and A where after attendees asked their questions, the panelists “cursed” each attendee with their own Scratch plush toy.

The Ghost and Molly McGee really shines a light on a positive representation of real-life issues families deal with every day. Through this medium, they have provided their fans with not only entertainment but a way to deal with their circumstances and know that they are not alone, that someone just like them is dealing with the same problem.

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