San Diego Comic-Con is back, and to celebrate the event’s return to business as usual, Dynamite has a bunch of exciting announcements ahead of SDCC 2022. Below check out the first installment:


Fire and Ice Rises Again for 40th Anniversary! Legendary Frank Frazetta & Ralph Bakshi Classic Comes to Comics & Games

Next year marks the 40th anniversary of the 1983 release of Fire and Ice, the beloved sword and sorcery masterpiece of artwork, animation, and storytelling from Frank Frazetta and Ralph Bakshi. Dynamite is partnering with the Frazetta Girls brand and Bakshi Productions for both new comic books and tabletop games. 

“My grandpa introduced me to his film Fire and Ice when I was in grade school,” said Sara Frazetta. “Watching movies together, especially Fire and Ice, bonded our relationship. We felt the intensity of the scenes together. We were transported into the world he created. It was magical. Fire and Ice has remained in my top favorite films of all time and to be able to reignite the property with the Bakshi family and Dynamite is incredibly exciting!”

“Bakshi Productions is excited to work with the Frazetta Girls and Dynamite Comics to create new Fire and Ice media,” shared Eddie Bakshi. “It is an honor to again explore the fantastic world that Frank Frazetta and Ralph Bakshi created. I know that Bakshi fans have been waiting a long time for more Fire and Ice material, and that’s what we plan to give them.”

Fire and Ice was a collaboration between Bakshi, a master animation director, and Frazetta, “Godfather of fantasy art.” Together they developed the concept and the film’s art style was based on Frazetta’s work. They then called in comic writers and Conan the Barbarian veterans Roy Thomas and Gerry Conway to handle the script.

Dynamite CEO and Publisher Nick Barrucci added, “Fire and Ice is a seminal classic animated feature that is beloved by fans and creators alike. In having discussions with Sara Frazetta, and having brought up my love of the movie, she stated that we could have further conversations with Joe Weber, Sara Frazetta, and Eddie Bakshi to see if we could work on a creative direction that everyone would be happy with to expand on the series. It was important to all of us that we bring something new and grew the fantastic tapestry that came before. Fortunately, we all agreed on the direction of the series, and are bringing the fans the back story of these incredible characters that will build on the movie. Then when the opportunity came to release a game based on the movie, that was just icing on the cake. I speak for myself and the team at Dynamite when I say that we are honored to work with the Frazetta family who are comic book royalty, and the legacy of the Bakshi family. We can’t wait for fans and retailers to see the series as it’s released.”

A new comic book series will serve as a prequel and continue the themes and ideas of the original film, which ended with the barbarian hero Larn and his beloved Princess Teegra embracing in their victory and survival against the fearsome evil Queen Juliana and her demented son Nekron while their mysterious erstwhile ally Darkwolf looked on from afar. 

The creative team behind the comic will be revealed soon, but fans can look for a cover with Frank Frazetta’s original masterpiece painting created for the development and eventual movie poster. 

Fire and Ice will also expand into a tabletop game. Fans of Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, and similar roleplaying systems will have another fantasy option to explore. The exact format and design of the game are yet to be revealed.

“I’m tremendously excited to see the return of Fire and Ice, and while I know this project will evoke powerful feelings of nostalgia to longtime Frazetta and comics fans, this world fits perfectly with the realms of fantasy that are incredibly popular right now,” said editor Matt Idelson. “Really, it’s a perfect marriage.”


Shannon Maer Opens Sirens Gate. His First Fully Painted Comic Series Debuts From Dynamite

Beloved artist Shannon Maer and Dynamite have announced Sirens Gate, the artist’s first-ever creator-owned comic. Known for his painted covers, Maer’s unique style will now be seen on every page.

“As the pages began coming together, it felt like another level of dimension added to my work,” said Maer. “I loved exploring a scene from multiple angles, and still feeling like the entirety of the book was a singular painting.”


Read details here:

“The urban fantasy tale introduces and focuses on Tara, an aspiring writer. She’s never thought of herself as anyone special, but all that is about to change. When a mysterious young man extends an unexpected invitation, Tara is awed at the opportunity to meet with her literary idol, Lady Rose. This unique encounter sparks a series of events, forever thrusting her into a world where vampires, werewolves and all manner of supernatural beings become her new normal. What Tara once assumed to be nothing more than the imagined pages of dark fiction, slowly begins to unravel itself as the true reality.

Readers shouldn’t miss this big splash of one of the industry’s brightest stars, as Shannon writes, paints, and letters the entire series. He’s aided and abetted by editor and business partner Becky Fuller for this fiendish tale that explores the very nature of what we call reality.”

“Shannon has poured his heart and soul into this project and I believe that is reflected here,” said editor Becky Fuller. “This has become much more than a passion project for us, as it is a story that has been years in the making. We hope you enjoy reading about Tara as much as we’ve enjoyed telling her story!”


“We’ve been incredibly fortunate to work with Shannon for a few years. His covers are magic, and help draw in an audience to some of our best books,” said Barrucci. “Shannon helped bring more readers to our critically acclaimed Vampirella series by Christopher Priest. When he approached us about Sirens Gate, and I spoke with the team, everyone was excited. I’m honored that Shannon approached us, and we are working with him on his first creator-owned book where he is fully painting the interiors to the series, and fans’ jaws will drop when they see the book.”

Sirens Gate #1 will be available for preorder in August and will release in October in comic shops as well as on Comixology, Kindle, iBooks, Google Play, Dynamite Digital, ComicsPlus, and more.

The Mob’s Secrets Revealed & A Tale of Fatherhood in Comics Adaptation Of Memoir of Legendary Lawyer Jimmy LaRossa

Dynamite is trying their hand at a different type of tale, diving headfirst into a little true crime. The upcoming adaptation will be a firsthand peek behind the curtain of the Italian American mafia and a heartfelt story of fatherhood. The publisher has licensed writer James M. LaRossa Jr.’s memoir of his father, Jimmy LaRossa, to bring a new audience to this compelling story.

“If one were to choose a trial lawyer whose life reflected the unique characteristics of America’s ‘Wild West’ of a criminal justice system in the latter half of the Twentieth Century, that person likely would be my father, Jimmy LaRossa,” shared LaRossa Jr. “Thanks to Dynamite, which is bringing in a team of the most talented creators and writers, led by editor Matt Idelson, the creative journey that is Last of the Gladiators, A Son’s Memoir of Love, Redemption, and the mob, is ready to join the ranks of the wildest graphic novels. As his son and confidant, my dad revealed to me at the end of his life the secrets of his courtroom dramas and eccentric clients, which included the most feared Mafia chiefs, assassins, counterfeiters, money launderers, defrocked politicians of every stripe, and bankers arriving in the dead of night in their private jets. These clients sought the counsel of one man—my father. All I can say is, you better buckle up for the ride.”

The book is entitled Last of the Gladiators: A Memoir of Love, Redemption, and the Mob by the Son of the Legendary Trial Lawyer Jimmy LaRossa, but the publisher explains the title may be tweaked in this new comic format. Rest assured, the “spirit of the original” will remain. The new series is also part of a planned True Crime line in Dynamite’s library.

Read details about LaRossa below:

“Jimmy LaRossa lived a full life, from the marines to one of the most prosperous, and infamous to some, defense attorneys in the United States. Among his most high-profile cases included defending some of the biggest names in organized crime like Paul Castellano, sparring with New York’s top prosecutors of the crackdown era. This rough life provided for his family, but often kept him at a distance. To a young James, his dad often came across as more of a secret agent than a lawyer.

Years later, ailing in health, James Jr. connects with his father to provide comfort and connection to his final time on this Earth. Over the next five years, the two enjoyed quality time together, plenty of favorite Italian meals, hit up the local beaches, and embark on some travel. Decades on, the two are able to make up for lost time in their relationship and share their stories.

Following Jimmy’s peaceful passing, what resulted is an emotional chronicle by James of his father’s vivid life and their relationship. Jimmy LaRossa was truly one of the Last of the Gladiators, standing toe to toe with drug runners, crime lords, corrupt politicians, and all manner of crooks and characters in the turbulence of 20th century New York. At the heart of the novel is a love story between father and son, now soon to be translated to a new medium.”

“This is an incredible book that James wrote about his father and his father’s experiences, and it draws you in. The best comparison I can make is that it’s Law and Order meets Goodfellas, and draws you in as much as the original Godfather novel,” said Barrucci. “Everyone involved felt this was a unique piece of not only important history, but a powerful story about family, sacrifice, and living a full life. I also can’t thank Ken Abrams enough for bringing this opportunity to us. Above all else, it’s a compelling and entertaining web of tales, and we can’t wait to present it in a new way for all kinds of readers. Working with James, we’ll also be taking the project out to studios to continue to grow the audience.”

More details on the format, creative team, and release schedule will be revealed soon.

Stay tuned for more SDCC announcements from Dynamite!


  1. Frazetta was not just a master painter with a sparkling imagination, he also had an intriguing life story.There is a documentary “Frazetta: Painting with Fire,”which gives a detailed description of the life and career of the pioneer of fantasy art.
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