Some of the biggest stars at Comic-Con aren’t even on the CW. These stars write these book things, and you may want to see them or get them to sign your all time favorite book. At various times at the Random House/Ballantine/Del Rey booth you’ll find George R.R. Martin, Diane Gabaldon, Jim Butcher, Robin Hobb, John Jackson Miller, Anne Rice, Joe Abercrombie, Natalie Parker, Jeff and Ann VanderMeer, Bryan Lee O’Malley, Emily Carroll, Patrick Rothfuss, Morgan Rhodes, Lynn Flewelling, Daniel H. Wilson, Pierce Brown, James Dashner, and Christina Lauren.

Plus that Fight Club panel we mentioned before:

Chuck Palahniuk and director David Fincher, plus some unnamed “special guests” will be on a panel Saturday, July 26, titled “Fight Club: From Page to Screen and Beyond.” Even better? It isn’t going to be in the legendary and infamous Hall H. That means that you won’t need to set up camp on Tuesday to get a good place in line (like these super fans did in 2012 for theTwilight panel). I’d still get there plenty early, though. It’s in Room 25ABC.

More deets at Suvudu, but here’s the schedule in visual form:




  1. Random House, you better do something similar at Book Con next year…
    (You redeem yourselves at ALA. BEA? You’re barely there.)

    If I had to pick one? The Chip Kidd/Michael Cho event on Friday.
    The book looks gorgeous. It’s his first graphic novel.
    Duotone, reminiscent of Cooke with some Tomine, and the charicature chops of Kyle Baker..

    or try:
    Words and Pictures,
    Fri, July 25, 3pm-4pm, Room 9
    Lev Grossman of Time Magazine moderates this panel featuring Faith Erin Hicks, Lucy Knisley , Jen Wang, Gene Luen Yang and myself discussing our comics, our artistic processes and the future of graphic novels.

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