Photo by Vicky Van

Sometimes I look around the wall-to-wall crowds spilling into even the most narrow crevices of the convention floor at San Diego Comic Con, elbows deep in crowds clamoring for exclusive this and rare that, and wonder: Are we in the bad place?

Photo by Vicky Van

This year NBC’s The Good Place takes the question a step further with an interactive and immersive activation in front of the Hard Rock Hotel, next door to the Omni. We walked through the experience, and here’s what it has to offer:

  1. A Shrimp Merry-Go-Round, obviously.
  2. A live demonstration on the ethical quandary known as “The Trolley Problem”
  3. Free Spoons?
  4. Lively conversation with psuedo-Tahani, Chidi, Eleanor, Jason, and more
  5. Total chaos and panic when you are eventually kicked out of The Good Place


Photo by Vicky Van
Photo by Vicky Van

Basically, once we entered “The Good Place,” we spent around 10 minutes interacting with various residents of the area. One asked me if I was his soulmate, another gave me a lesson on ethics, while  another asked me what I did to deserve entrance to The Good Place in the first place. After a while, all hell broke loose when the residents realized we didn’t belong and promptly escorted us out of the quiet respite of shrimp merry-go-rounds and back on to the hellish, crowded pavement of the San Diego Gaslamp.

Photo by Vicky Van

The third season of The Good Place premieres on Thursday, September 27 on NBC.


  1. Actually, I better be more clear: I’m impressed by this show. My attempt at smart sarcasm fell flat. I am most definitely due to be in the Hell reserved for fans of the Good Place…

    Good on Drew Goddard!

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