Saturday. The BIG DAY of Comic-Con, when everything approaches the zenith of expectation. 
Let’s see what happening, shall we? 

Possibly the best cosplay of the show:

“Comic-Con 2018: 24 hours, 5 lines, 1 plea for mercy”

A CNET reporter becomes the man-on-the-street, as she waits in a variety of lines.

“Scooters and bikes are ruining Comic-Con”

San Diego does have a dock-based bicycle system, but there are also new upstarts which do not require a dock…the back wheel locks when done. Given the long distances involved at Comic-Con (it’s a fifteen minute walk from the Hilton to the Hyatt, if you believe Google Maps and stick to the Embarcadero), a bike or scooter can seem like a good idea. Except that there are no bike lanes, and lots of people.

…So You Should Take the Shuttle Bus, Right?


The panel began with an introduction to the upcoming DC films by welcoming fans to the Worlds of DC – making it the first time that Warner Bros. has given the DC universe an official name.

I’m hoping this means that movies can be in different universes…

Best Photos From AP Images

  1. Add Heat Wave, and you’ve got “The Year Without a Santa Claus”!
  2. Fortnite has some of the most interesting cosplay.

Geez… a slow news day. Lots of trailers, but not a lot of interesting tidbits. Maybe tomorrow…