This is pretty big! The best selling graphic novel series in the US right now is MY HERO ACADEMIA which has been a huge seller for Viz. And creator Kohei Horikoshi will be coming to the San Diego Comic-Con! IT’s his first ever North American work related appearance. Top manga-ka are often very skittish about travelling for personal appearances, so getting a red hot creator like Horikoshi to attend is huge!

Accorindg to Viz, Horikoshi is scheduled to participate in a variety of events during the convention including the official MY HERO ACADEMIA panel discussion. which will also include MY HERO ACADEMIA anime  voice actors  Christopher R. Sabat, voice of All Might, and Justin Briner, voice of Deku, from the anime adaptation of the popular series. The creator will also be a part of VIZ Media’s WEEKLY SHONEN JUMP panel.

He’ll also participate in two autographing sessions,  which will doubtless be a veyr hot ticket.

MY HERO ACADEMIA is an on point roll out of it “What if everyone has superheroes” concept, except, only 80% of the world has powers – known as Quirks. The serie stakes place at a school – yes think superheroing world – but the hero is a Quirkless muggle.