By Angel Carreras

While a lot of attention to the Transformers franchise is focused on the upcoming Bumblebee movie (can you blame em? John Cena? Robots in disguise? Lowkey Shape of Water vibes? Take my money and my life, Transformers franchise!), Hasbro is making sure fans new and old can revel in one of the best parts of being a Transformers fan– the toys.

At last week’s San Diego Comic Con 2018, Hasbro’s Senior Design Manager John Warden showed off some of what Hasbro has in store this year for the Bumblebee film merch line as well as the high-articulation toys collectors know and love.

For the Bumblebee movie, Warden (a true fan in every sense of the word) showed a few items that are part of a full-range of products to coincide with the film’s launch, ranging from small toys to a mixed reality Bumblebee helmet and a bluetooth Bumblebee helmet that you can stream music to. Fun for kids and I’m sure people would leave you alone on the train commute to work if they saw you wearing it, no doubt.

this ain’t a prop from Jerry Seinfeld’s “Bee Movie”

Next, Warden showed something for “the hardcore fans”, a “brand new trilogy” for the toy line, dubbed War for Cybertron: Siege, chronicling “the last desperate hours on Cybertron… fans know this doesn’t end well for the Autobots.”

The line is characterized by scale-accurate height of the Transformers, a high amount of articulation, and what Warden calls the “cybertronian omnidirectional modular battlefield assault tech system” (say that five times fast), which allows consumers to take apart Transformers (Warden gives Cog as an example) and outfit an entire team of toys with weapons and accessories.

Studio Series was the next line of toys shown, displaying more scale-accurate bots with packaging that can be used as a backdrop, in case you like posing your figures.

from the Studio Series line
from the Studio Series line
from the Studio Series line

Lastly, Warden was psyched to talk about a Walmart exclusive line, the original G1 Transformers toys. Warden says Hasbro went to great lengths to bring back this diecast metal toy line, going so far as to reproduce the original packaging.

Studio Series Transformers toys are on sale now (with more to come), while War for Cybertron: Siege toys will be available this fall.