Jazzed by the Marvel Legends Series Defenders Rail Authority 5-Pack? Then wait until you get a load of Hasbro‘s latest Marvel Exclusive.

Today the toy company announced a SDCC Exclusive Red Skull Marvel Legends figure with an actual Tesseract included as part of its MCU 10th Anniversary line. Sure, compared to Loki and Killmonger, Red Skull isn’t the most dynamic of MCU’s villains, though compared to Yellowjacket and Malekith he’s far, far more memorable. After Infinity War there appears to be some renewed interest in Red Skull. Perhaps ther’s a chance he’ll escape his fate as the “Ghost of MCU Villains Past.”

With a price of $59.99 be sure to stop by Hasbro at Booth #3329 for a chance to pick it up before it undoubtedly sells out. Details below-

Marvel Legends Series Red Skull Figure & Electronic Tesseract
A brilliant scientist obsessed with domination, Johann Schmidt leads the HYDRA-Abteilung division, a secret unit that specializes in artillery and harnessing the power of the Tesseract to create super weapons. Bent on achieving ultimate power, Schmidt injects himself with an early version of the Super Soldier Serum and suffers the side effects, including deformation and a stunning crimson visage.

Imagine Johann Schmidt claiming the title of Red Skull and controlling the power of the Tesseract with this Marvel Legends Series Red Skull figure and Tesseract pack, as seen at San Diego Comic Con 2018. At 3.63 square-inches, the included Tesseract lights up and features alternating light patterns, as well as a seamless battery install for an authentic look and feel. Pack also includes a 6-inch-scale Red Skull figure, featuring Captain America: The First Avenger-inspired design and premium articulation and design.

  • Includes: figure, accessory, Tesseract, and instructions
  • 6-inch Legends Series Red Skull figure featuring premium articulation and design
  • 3.63-square-inch light-up Tesseract with seamless battery installation
  • Packaging featuring Captain America: The First Avenger-inspired design
  • #0 in the Marvel Studios The First Ten Years collection


  1. It might call itself a Tesseract since it moved to the big city. But I remember when it was just a good old Cosmic Cube.

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