“Mega Man is back!” declared Capcom’s Tim Turi to enthusiastic applause, welcoming the Blue Bomber to his first solo adventure in nearly a decade. Along with producers Kazuhiro Tsuchiya and Nonaka Daizo, Capcom revealed exclusive details about Mega Man 11 which hits stores on October 2nd. Audience members (who included both fans of the classic franchise and those who jumped on board with the Mega Man X series) enjoyed a video of gameplay from the upcoming installment during Thursday’s 30th Anniversary panel.

In the game, a cut scene reveals that Dr. Wiley has decided to brush off some research from his youth to finally show Doctor Light who’s superior. But Doctor Light has some tricks left in him — upgrading our hero with a new “double gear” system that provides him with new abilities. Mega Man can now move so fast that it appears time is slowing down or even stopping. He can also use this hardware to power up his buster weapon to new heights. Doctor Light warns that the new system is a prototype and may be dangerous, but Mega Man isn’t one to back down.

The new game of course features the hallmark components you’d expect from a Mega Man title: an open selection menu that allows you to play through stages in any order you’d like, hardware enhancements that power you up with new weapons as you progress, and robot adversaries that rock badass robot poses.

The graphics are smooth and modern and the mechanics of running, jumping, shooting and dashing are still tight and controlled. This time around, the look of Mega Man’s armor changes as you equip different hardware sets. But don’t worry. He still jumps with his hands in the air like he just don’t care. The game has an entirely new visual style that manages to still look and feel like the original games.

From Capcom: “This is a franchise that we want to keep going and we wanted to make sure that it has a visual style that will cater to a younger audience as well. For us, this is something we want to keep going, not just now but ten and twenty years from now, and we decided to go with a look that represents Mega Man with modern hardware which is what you see now.”

In addition to previously announced stage bosses like Fuse Man and Block Man, fans at San Diego Comic-Con were also treated to an exclusive reveal of Mega Man’s newest robot adversary: Torch Man. With flames guttering from his shoulder pauldrons and steam escaping from vents in his metallic armor, Torch Man greets the player with a cocky attitude and a relaxed fighting pose. His combat style is the closest we’ve seen to a classic fighting game, with jump kicks and roundhouses supplementing his giant fireball projectiles.

Mega Man 11 will be available on Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and PC on October 2nd.

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