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Louie is a freelance writer, editor, and desert dweller. He manages TimeIsBroken.com where he writes about comics, meditation and football. When he's not reading Green Lantern, he is likely to be found crying over the Cleveland Browns.

MINT CONDITION: Gerry Conway’s Spider-Man (1972)

This version of Spider-Man is a hard-luck hero who just keeps fighting.

DC ROUND-UP: Lots of Questions in Lois Lane #3 (and that’s...

Greg Rucka takes on the world of investigative journalism

DC ROUND-UP: Arthur Curry’s taking it easy in AQUAMAN #51

...while Mera has her hands full running the seven seas.

MINT CONDITION: From Hell (1989)

A Jack the Ripper tale from Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell

SDCC ’19 Interview: Drake’s brutal advice on creative writing

Self-made novelist Maxwell Alexander Drake dishes on what makes a great storyteller.
Flash 75 cover

SDCC ’19 Interview: Joshua Williamson reveals the truth behind the speed...

And more thoughts on Iris, Barry, and his legendary Flash run.

DC ROUND-UP: Did YOUNG JUSTICE just get zapped to Kingdom Come?

Yep, along with some other alternate Earths you might recognize

MINT CONDITION: The Incal (1980)

A review of the groundbreaking comic-that-was-almost-a-movie from French visionary Alejandro Jodorowsky

MINT CONDITION: Lee & Kirby’s Fantastic Four (1961)

A fresh look at the Silver Age classic that built the House of Marvel

DC ROUND-UP: The Slow-Burning BATMAN

Is it getting hot in here?

DC ROUND-UP: HEROES IN CRISIS is Better Than You Think

We wanted Wally back, right?

DC ROUND-UP: Barry Allen Goes Back to Year One in THE...

The latest issue offers a new look at Barry's early days