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Louie is a freelance writer, editor, and desert dweller. He manages TimeIsBroken.com where he writes about comics, meditation and football. When he's not reading Green Lantern, he is likely to be found crying over the Cleveland Browns.

DC ROUND-UP: Why The World Needs The GREEN ARROW

A farewell (for now) to the Emerald Archer

DC ROUND-UP: Our Favorite(?) Teen Superheroes are Back in WONDER TWINS...

Say it with me: "Wonder Twin Powers - Activate!!"

ADVANCE REVIEW: Even the End of the World Can’t Stop the...

A new apocalyptic quest, coming this February

INTERVIEW: Behind the scenes of JUSTICE LEAGUE ANNUAL #1 with Scott...

How these two writers have taken on the entire DCU and lived to tell about it

DC ROUND-UP: Exploring DC’s New Comic Imprints with NAOMI #1 and...

The second title of DC's new Wonder Comics line introduces Naomi, a teenage girl from a quiet town that just got a little louder.

DC ROUND-UP: It’s Friends to the Rescue in HEROES IN CRISIS...

Booster and Beetle put bros before heroes

DC ROUND-UP: Why DOOMSDAY CLOCK Is as Important as the Original...

More of a direct continuation than a sequel, it's a follow-up every bit as timely and relevant to the world we live in as the story that rocked comics in the 1980's.

DC ROUND-UP: Escaping to the Fourth World in MISTER MIRACLE #12

King and Gerads wrap up their New Gods masterpiece

DC ROUND-UP: Lois and Clark Heat Things Up in ACTION COMICS...

Great. Caesar's. Ghost.

DC ROUND-UP: More of that good old stuff in THE DREAMING...

Lucien, Dora, and the Pumpkinhead are back, baby!

DC ROUND-UP: Kara’s back in the spotlight in SUPERGIRL #22

The Girl of Steel takes center stage at last!