Well Brigadoon is shaping up. A few notes.

§ I got in around noon yesterday, Day -1, early enough to see the adventure beginning to shape up. At the airport it was all Conan, which is now not a big fresh startling thing but another Comic-Con tradition. There’s a strange feeling here that tradition has taken over a bit. Everyone has their yearly rituals and just the names of the tv shows  change.

§ That said, I had a peek inside the exhibit hall and while photos are forbidden I got one word for ya:


§ I ran into a publisher after the Marvel/IDW news was announced and they just shook their head. A lot of talk about how Marvel’s licensing program is obviously ramping up. And there is more to come

§ This is the year of the bird scooter. They are everywhere and you’re goingto hear people complaining about them constantly.

§ Readfields at the Hyatt is now a brew pub. Nothing lasts!

More later!


  1. What did they mean by licensing? When they got the Conan deal it seemed like they’d be moving into that but the IDW deal makes it seem like they’re outsourcing it.

  2. It seems like just last month those scooters were the talk of the Apple Developers Conference in San Jose. Here we go again. I just don’t see how well they’ll work in San Diego where the streets are always so clogged around the convention center…

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