Seems like everyone is having a fairly deep sale now that Comic-Con is upon us.

Here’s the latest Marvel sale, dubbed “Marvel Best Selling Collections Sale.”  There’s a lot to sift through, so let me be of some assistance.

have a browse of the rest of it.  I will be the first to admit I almost didn’t try what looked like a weak attempt to still have a Wolverine title while the main character was temporarily dead, but it’s actually one of Marvel’s better comics in recent years.  Tom Taylor walks a tightrope switching between sweet, funny and downright coldblooded moments and he’s making great lemonade here.  The art can be a little all over the place (I prefer David Lopez from the first volume), but this is a solid pick and the first 4 volumes are on sale.

Black Bolt Vol. 1: Hard Time – yeah, I know… Inhumans, but there’s a reason this one is nominated for Hugo.  Black Bolt wakes up in a non-terrestrial prison, he’s not sure how he got there and his powers don’t work.  It gets darker from there.

The recent Carnage series is another one you wouldn’t expect to be good, but surprise!  If you like Marvel’s 70s horror titles, this is essential Carnage cast in the role of Dracula as he becomes intertwined with the book of Darkhold, while being chased by SHIELD, Man-Wolf, Anti-Venom and what’s left of the Midnight Sons.  Crazy in the best possible way.

The most recent Black Widow series was by Waid and Samnee.  That should tell you all you need to know.

And for something that’s not recent, here’s the Spidey Epic edition containing Kraven’s Last Huntone of the best Spidey stories of all time.

If you’re looking for pure value, here’s a list of the $5.99 Epic editions on sale right now, the lowest price any of those drop to.  I’d probably say X-Men (that’s the 70s relaunch through #100, so prime Claremont/Byrne) and Excalibur are the best bets.


  1. That Black Bolt book was one of the ones I got from Comix Experience’s Graphic Novel of the Month club. It’s awful. It made me realize I never want to read another superhero comic as long as I’m alive.

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