Revealed at the very end of today’s Vertigo creator spotlight, a panel featuring creators like John Ridley (The American Way), Paul Dini (Dark Night: A True Batman Story), and Scott Snyder (American Vampire), as well as Jamie S. Rich, and moderated by Mark Doyle, came a video tease no one was expecting. 

Fans were treated to a short clip of Vertigo glories past that also featured new Invisibles art by Jeff Lemire, new Sandman art by Jae Lee, and a drawing of Death by Jim Lee as observed by Graeme McMillan at THR. Is new Sandman or Invisibles possibly on the way?

The last time we saw Gaiman’s signature creation was during the Eisner nominated The Sandman: Overture. Between this and Young Animal being incorporated under the Vertigo umbrella, could this be the beginning of the long-awaited Vertigo revival? 

The video, which DC tweeted out right after the panel, ends with a tease of Vertigo25, the 25th anniversary celebration of Vertigo slated for 8/8/18 (August 8th of next year).

More to come!



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