Escape rooms are pretty trendy right now, so it makes to see one pop at SDCC off-site events this year – the room, presented by Alcon Television Group and themed to SyFy’s series The Expanse, pits two teams (between 4-5 people on a team) against one another in a race to escape a failing ship. The event is located at 450 2nd Avenue and is open from 10 AM to 7 PM Thursday and Friday, 9 AM to 7 PM Saturday, and 10 AM to 6 PM on Sunday.

The room itself doesn’t require any knowledge of the television show to solve the puzzle. Each team works as a crew trapped aboard a ship that is running out of time. As these things go, it turns out there’s an escape pod, but it has only enough room for one of the two teams, and whichever team solves a series of puzzles first makes it to the escape pod. There’s a 10 minute time limit on the experience itself, but you’re most likely going to have to finish faster if you want to beat the other team to the finish line first.

This was my first escape room experience, but I thought the length was pretty good for an off-site event. We used most of the 10 minutes solving the various puzzles inside the simulated space vessel we were in and were rewarded for escaping with some pretty good parting gifts, including my first-ever fidget spinner. Once you’ve completed the escape room, there’s also an astronaut themed photo experience and some props from the show’s set.