Steve Orlando and Jakub Rebelka will be the creative team for a new limited series over at KaBoom! comics this October, as they pair up for a four-issue story called Namesake. Billed as being Orlando’s only original series coming out in 2016, this is the story of Jordan, a young man who embarks on a quest to return the ashes of his fathers to their final resting place. The catch being that that place is a parallel world called Ektae, which only alligns alongside Earth for one week every seven years.


It’s a pitch that feels like a Steve Orlando creation. Focusing on the idea of this being a journey of discovery, and that his mission is a strange and unpredictable one, the miniseries seems to be a change of pace from the rest of the line. In an interview about the book over on CBR, he goes really deep into the mythos and worldbuilding for the series, and it’s clearly something he’s spent a lot of time working on, and has a real take for.

It’s also worth noting that Jordan’s surname is Molossus, which is amazing. Artist Jakub Rebelka shouldn’t be overlooked here either, absolutely not – hailing from Poland, Rebelka’s prior work includes both print works like MIASTO PSÓW and concept art for games including Witcher 2. Speaking of concept work – here’s a look at his designs for lead character Jordan Molossus.


The first issue of Namesake is scheduled for this October.