Resident X-Men murderer Charles Soule is back at it again, as later this year he’ll be following his prior ‘Death of Wolverine’ story with ‘Death of X’, an event which seems to be touching on several X-Men titles across the final few months of 2016. But today we got even more from the X-Cutioner himself, with the news that he’ll be co-writing a six-issue miniseries called Inhumans Vs X-Men.

Soule will be joined by Jeff Lemire and Leinil Yu for the storyline, which sees popular Inhumans characters like Ms Marvel, Medusa, and… uh… drawing a blank there; taking on the combined forces of the X-Men. Whilst ‘Death of X’ is set in the recent past, exploring what led Cyclops to get killed and bring out the world’s wrath against the X-Men, this story will be set in the present-day. Old Man Logan’s in it and everything.

It seems that the Terrigen Mists, which brought out the inherent ‘Inhumanness’ of anybody with the right ancestry are going to be the centre of this one. On one side, the Inhumans like them because it makes them stronger. On the other side, it sterilises and ultimately poisons mutants. So… well… I’m sure there’ll be some kind of reason why the Inhumans are seemingly fine with that going on, but we’ll have to wait for the miniseries to find out. This one is scheduled for Winter 2017.

And hey, just a passing thing, but is that Colossus at the back? Does he have a beard now? Onboard for that.


  1. Admittedly, I haven’t been paying much attention to the new status of the Inhumans, but has there been an in-universe reason why non X-Men heroes seem to be OK with the Terrigen cloud? Because last I heard, the process of becoming Inhuman had a chance of killing anyone not strong enough to undergo the transformation. But no one seems that fussed about it. Cho!Hulk just kind of shrugs off Lunella’s fears about getting caught in the cloud, for example.

  2. @ Suzene

    Only people that has a inhuman gene are affected by the mist, and only mutants develop the m-pox when they get in contact with it.

    Yes Colossus has a beard as part of a new hipster look since the start of the Lemire/Ramos Extraordinary X-Men run.

  3. That’s cliche cover number 387 – half the superheroes on one side face off the other half on the other side.

  4. @br31n

    It’s still textbook genocide, the terrigen cloud is wiping out the mutants, and somehow no one cares.
    Also, a cloud that awakens powers in the normal population, the mutants have been persecuted for much less than this, hell, this does look like a plot that Magneto would have used in the past.

  5. Oh, look! Marvel heroes fighting one another. A big ole’ pass on this repeating story style they just can’t seem to give up on…

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