At the end of a 50th celebration panel for Star Trek, Bryan Fuller offered a huge announcement for those in attendance: the new Star Trek TV series he’ll be showrunning next year will be called Star Trek Discovery. 

A logo has been created for just this occasion, which was shared first to all those in attendance. Pretty cool.


Not only that, but the title refers to the new ship which’ll be home to the cast and characters during the 13-episode series next January. Here’s a look at the launch video for The U.S.S. Discovery:

That remains the extent of our information on the series, though, as the hugely secretive project has yet to name any members of the cast, the series mission, or anything to be expected from Fuller’s time in charge. The series will air on CBS, with episodes to be made available online shortly thereafter on a streaming service called All-Access. Those living outside the US will have access through Netflix.