The Hollywood Reporter announced today that Sinatoro, an upcoming comic from Grant Morrison and Vanesa R. Del Rey is being adapted for television by Universal Pictures. Adam Armus and Kay Foster will be writing the screenplay – alongside Morrison himself. Scheduled to be published by Black Mask Studios next year, Sinatoro is casually described in the announcement article as being about:

A necronaut who is sent into the afterlife to save Earth from destruction. The story, a modern take on the Tibetan Book of the Dead, has influences from the Western genre, and classic American highway Route 66 also figures into it.

Whatever the hell that means. This is apparently a ten-year passion project for Morrison, and the writing team plan to bring the script to a director once things are ready. Black Mask’s Matt Pizzolo said of the news:

The question was always how to build a canvas big enough to faithfully encompass the brilliant world Grant had envisioned. This has become a shared obsession over years with more and more creative collaborators falling in love with Grant’s vision and diving in to help build it.

I’m mostly just excited because I’d never even heard of this comic before, and Del Rey’s artwork is some of the best in the business. We’ll likely be hearing more about this one later in the year, ahead of the 2017 release for the comic. Based on the reporting in the article, it appears that Del Rey is not involved in the adaptation, and is likely therefore not named as a co-creator for the comic.