Given that its changing the way we interact with the world, as well as launching about 100 million think pieces even as you read this, Pokemon Go is having its SDCC panel moved from a room seating 460 people to the 6000 seat Hall H. Sounds like a sensible choice.
The panel will be held Sunday at 1:45

UPDATED: Thu, Jul 14, 05:10PM John Hanke, founder of Niantic and pioneer of real world gaming, will examine the past, present and future of extending games beyond the screen and re-imagining reality through the lens of Ingress and Pokémon GO.

People are already worrying about how Pokemon GO will impact the already crowded streets of San Diego, and rules for civilized interactions have already been proposed.

Since its launch last week, Pokemon GO has held the world in thrall, turning the world into a happier, laughing place, as well as creating dangerous situations, crime sprees and even bringing more customers to small businesses. It also helps catch cheaters! It is all things to all people and a new way of life.

I can only describe my first few moments of playing the game as akin to reading Neuromancer on playing The Beast for the first time. It’s the first great work of performance art of the post-post-post-modern era. Will it burn out in a week or change our lives forever? We’ll just have to keep existing to find out.

Via SDCC Blog.